Interlock Restoration


There is something satisfying in restoring interlock pavers as it brings them back to life. The process requires attention to detail and the end result is directly related to the method, professionalism of the technician, quality of the tools and thoroughness of the individual processes.

We use the single best polymeric sand on the market which is particularly good for :

  1. Heavy traffic
  2. High-humidity
  3. Water erosion (rain, splashes, sprinklers, etc.)
  4. Weed growth, insect invasion, and erosion

Our process involves the following:

  1. Agreement on surfaces to redo, process and chosen color of the new Polymeric Sand
  2. Small corrections on the interlock – we will relevel a few bricks (2 to 5% of the bricks)
  3. Removal of all old polymeric sand and weeds in between interlock bricks without leaving a mess
  4. Interlock stone cleaning with a hot pressure washer and rotating nozzle
  5. Precautionary eradicating of possible remaining root systems with heat – boiling water / steam
  6. Hold period until the work area dries completely
  7. Start of the polymeric sand installation process
  8. Thorough compaction with a vibrating plate insuring the sand is set tight and to help level pavers to one another
  9. Careful brooming and blowing of the sand to obtain the perfect amount between the stones
  10. Wetting of the polymeric sand

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Additional information
Area Size

240 sq. ft., 420 sq. ft., 650 sq. ft., 880 sq. ft., Other Size – Contact for Estimate

Landscape Detail / Complexity

Lower, Higher

Amount Polymeric Sand Required

Average (65 lbs per 100 sq ft)

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