Lawn Renovation


It’s often possible to restore a damaged lawn instead of re-sodding. The price difference makes it worthwhile to consider as average prices for re-sodding are currently around $1.60 per square feet in contrast to our lawn restorations that varies from $0.12 to $0.30 per square feet with the benefit of improving what you have with chosen grasses adapted to the direction you want to give your lawn.

Reason to perform a Lawn Renovation: Thatch accumulation; Disease damage; Insect damage; Excessive use; Poor maintenance; Winter injury/Drought injury; Soil compaction; Grasses in lawn not suited to the growing conditions

With our Aeraseeder, we are able to reduce a Lawn Renovation to the following basic steps:

Lawn Renovation Fundamental Steps (included):

  1. A generous amount of Core Aeration
  2. Conditioning of seeds with a Mycorrhizae inoculant bio-fertilizer
  3. Aeraseeding with a 13 lbs per 1000 sq ft seed rate
  4. Application of a Rooting Fertilizer with Controlled Release

Case by case options:

  1. Detaching and debris pickup
  2. Saturated Steam Weed Control to address trouble areas before seeding
  3. Compost or Top Soil spreading – localized or widespread
  4. PH adjustments with probe or laboratory soil test

Price is per area. Ex.: A front yard and a back yard are two distinct areas. $70.00 OFF on additional areas.


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Preparation Before Our Visit:

  1. Short lawn cut with clippings bagged (we can do it if you can’t for $10.00 / 1000 sq ft.)
  2. Watering of the lawn 12 Hours before our arrival. We don’t want it wet nor dry.

After Our Visit:

  1. Watering (we offer timer rentals)
  2. More watering and watch your new lawn grow 🙂
  3. Cutting high at 3.25″ when the grass has reached at least 3.5″

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