Welcome to David's Lawns!

Our services range from lawn maintenance to lawn improvements with innovation along the way.

We offer a lawn renovation service based on a new technique that is a highly viable alternative to laying sod, offering our customers hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings.

We also offer innovative mycorrhizae seed treatments, salt inhibitors, Aeraseeding (a more effective mechanical seeding solution) and saturated steam weeding (a herbicide-free weeding alternative).

At David's Lawns, we thrive on innovation. Using novel tools and methods results in efficiency, exemplary outcomes, loyal customers and gives us a sense of motivation and accomplishment.

Lawn Renovation

Consider a lawn renovation instead of laying new sod. You may save 50% to 80% of the cost while watching your lawn grow.

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Organic Solutions

Organic Fertilization, Compost Top Dressing and Saturated Steam Weed Control are our top sellers.

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Lawn Care

Fertilization, organic amendments, aeration, verticutting, soil testing and PH remediation.

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Yard Services

From your spring and fall cleanups to restoring your interlock, we have you covered.

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Lawn Renovation before / after

After just 28 days, this lawn is on its way to full recovery with a strong foundation to build on. Without specialized equipment, it would have been nearly impossible to overseed this lawn.

Lawn Restoration

Mechanical Overseeding

We can improve your lawn with new cultivars or fix a damaged lawn.
We offer Slice Seeding and Aeraseeding when mechanically seeding a lawn.
High yields and returns on investment. Add water.

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