Lawn Mowing

More often then not, it all starts here. Mowing is the most basic maintenance requirement for your lawn and is a very popular service. Starting at 20.00$ per week we do our best to offer you this service at a competitive price.

What is included in our mowing service:

  • Seasonal adjustments to our mowing practices
  • Flat trimming around landscape beds, trees, walks, drives and curb lines
  • Grass debris clean-up from hard surfaces
  • Bagging of clippings by default if mulching is not requested

Mowing Tip (pun intended): The tip of grass blades produces hormones that repress horizontal growth and by cutting off the tips more frequently your lawn can spread more vigorously. It is also important to never remove more than one third of the surface area of the grass blade at one time.

As for us and mowing, let us say that we are reliable, neat, and have a consistent attention to detail and to treat your property like a business card representing us as much as you. We value to consistently meet or surpass expectations.

Please find and select below our two lawn mowing subscription programs and use our online estimator and cart to formulate your free estimate.