Aeraseeding & Slice Seeding

We offer Aeraseeding or Slice Seeding via these two services:

  1. Lawn Renovation Рfor an individual approach with partial or complete saturated steam preparation 
  2. Overseeding – to amend and existing lawn with chosen seed cultivars

Aeraseeding Advantages :

  1. Highest germination rate with accurate seeding depth
  2. Evening / flattening of lawn surfaces with the incorporated raking broom and roller
  3. Great for overseeding or initial seeding on bare earth or compost

Alternatively, we may use our classical Slice Seeder as required. The Slice Seeder has it’s own advantages although the Aeraseeder is generally more advantageous may yield better results.



General benefits of mechanical overseeding:

  1. Reduces the establishment of unwanted plants
  2. Increase the density of the lawn, which will then resist the introduction of weeds better
  3. Repair damage left by harsh winters, hot summers, insects and disease
  4. Provides a more uniform and pleasant playing surface
  5. Allows the introduction of new species of grasses more resistant to insects (endophytic grasses) and diseases
  6. Allows the introduction of new species of grasses better suited to a specific goal with the lawn
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