Compost Topdressing


The application of compost increases the organic matter in the soil & adds essential nutrients. Compost also increases nutrient, water holding capacity and acts as a food source for increased microbial activity.

For established lawns, we recommend 1/4 to 1/2-inch layer of compost in conjunction with aeration.

Adding compost before mechanical seeding is also a great option. It contributes to increasing the seed to soil contact while providing nutrition for optimal germination.

The estimates bellow are based on increments of 1 cubic yard delivered and installed for a 3/8-inch layer which is right in between 1/4 and 1/2 inch.

Bagged Compost is more economical for smaller areas. Budget 3.50$ plus cost of supply to install.

You may order your chosen compost or have us deliver it on site. Use other in the list below to enquire about using your own compost or having it delivered yourself.

We will not ask you for your credit card number online. Please add items to the cart to build your estimate request and discuss.


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Topdressing surface at 3/8"

1750 sq. ft. (2sq Yard), 2600 sq. ft. (3sq Yard), 3500 sq. ft. (4sq Yard), 4300 sq. ft. (5sq Yard), 5200 sq. ft. (6sq Yard), 6000 sq. ft. (7sq Yard), 6900 sq. ft. (8sq Yard)

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