Seasonal Lawn Fertilization


How about a high quality Turf fertilizer program at a good price?

We use specialized Turf Fertilizers with slow release technology and focus on offering a higher quality product over wowing you a number “visits” or “application”.

Our 2021 program consists of:

  1. 32-4-8 Booster Formula for spectacular results in the Spring
  2. 22-0-11 Very Slow release (Higher Rate) Summer Fertilizer providing controlled growth for 12 to 16 weeks with 75% AccuBlu. This is an exceptional fertilizer that costs significantly more than a common duration fertilizer and is applied at a higher rate. It’s perfect for our potentially hot summers as it offers the perfect middle ground between 3 and 4 fertilizer applications.
  3. 15-0-30 Fall Fertilizer

Option of replacing the Very Slow release summer fertilization with two slow release fertilizations with two darkening effect 21-3-7 Fertilizer with Color+ 30% S.R. 2% Fe + Secure-N
with Iron – 2x summer applications

If there is any doubt in your past fertilization success, make sure to select the optional soil test to obtain lab results on your current lawn chemistry with a remediation proposal.


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up to 2500 sq. ft., 2501 to 3750 sq. ft., 3751 to 5000 sq. ft., 5001 sq. ft. to 7000 sq. ft., other, estimate requested

Subsitute 1x Summer for 2x Darkening Effects 2x Summer applications

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