Fall Leaf Raking


We provide Leaf Raking in the Spring and Fall.

Our fall leaf raking is completed in one or two visits, the first visit is scheduled when about half the leaves are down and the second  is when most or all the leaves are down.

During each visit, leaves are blown and raked to be bagged tight in yard waste bags (provided) then left by your property’s side wall or at the curb for city pickup.

By experience, you may know approximately the number of bags you get when raking your lawn. You may ask us to bag all or limit ourselves to a number of bags.

Our Spring leaf raking service is completed in one single visit and is provided as soon as the weather permits with a Spring Cleanup.

Fall leaf raking requests made after October 21st are subject to a 15% surcharge as it impacts our scheduling, workload and driving schedule efficiency.

We will not ask you for your credit card number online. Please add items to the cart to build your estimate.


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Number of visits

One, Two

Number of Bags Raked

1 to 10 Bags, 11 to 20 Bags, 21 to 30 Bags, 31 to 40 Bags, 41 to 50 Bags

Contact us to schedule an appointment, an estimate or to answer any questions:(613) 830-9743

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