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Using top-tier equipment like the Aeraseeder or slice seeder, we ensure optimal seeding based on your lawn’s unique conditions. Our method guarantees deeper seed penetration and healthier, denser growth.

Mechanical Overseeding Includes:

  1. Aeraseeding or Slice Seeding @ 6 lbs / 1000 sq. ft.
  2. Superior soil to seed contact and seeding success
  3. Choice of seeds for goals and conditions
  4. Conditioning of seeds with a Mycorrhizae inoculant bio-fertilizer that will enhance root networks
  5. Application of a Rooting Fertilizer with Controlled Release


  1. Aeration (suggested)
  2. Dethatching (case by case)
  3. Weed mitigation (see Lawn Renovation)
  4. Addition of top soil
  5. Addition of dehydrated compost with sea weed @ 33$/1000 sq ft (18lbs)

Pricing factors

  • A prices below are based on an average lawn difficulty factor and may vary in rare cases.

Send us a work request and we will follow up to validate your lawn size, discuss your goals and offer a written proposal.


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up to 1000 sq. ft., 1001 to 1500 sq. ft., 1501 to 2000 sq. ft., 2001 to 2500 sq. ft., 2501 to 3000 sq. ft., 3001 to 3500 sq. ft., 3501 to 4000 sq. ft., 4001 to 5000 sq. ft., 5001 to 6000 sq. ft., Other Size – Contact for estimate


Classical, Mechanical Aeraseeding

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