PH Remediation


Maintaining the correct soil pH is crucial to obtain a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Lime “sweetens” your soil. In areas where soil is naturally “sour” (or acidic), this is extremely important to growing healthy turf. Lime helps improve lawn color and density, helps control thatch, and increases root development.

Soil that is too acidic causes “fertilizer lock-up”. This means that fertilizer and important micro-nutrients become locked up in the soil and unavailable to the grass plants. As a result, grass may become thin and yellow, thatch may build up faster, and root growth slows down.

A lawn in this condition is called “unthrifty” because even when properly fertilized, it can’t make use of the plant food applied to become thick and stay green.

We can offer either a soil test or PH reading with a professional grade tool.


  1. Raise PH with Lime – (@0.75$ / pound minimum 25.00)
  2. Raise PH with Solu-Cal (@1.35$ / pound minimum 25.00)
  3. Lower PH with Sulfur based product (@3.00 / pound minimum 25.00)

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Please test for PH while you are here for another service, Adjust PH after results from lab soil test

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