Salt Stopper (Solu-Cal S)


Problems with Salt in Soil:

Salt-affected soils may inhibit seed germination, retard plant growth, and cause irrigation difficulties.

Sodium is associated with alkalinity or high pH. Alkalinity is undesirable because it causes many of the necessary soil contained nutrient minerals to be unavailable for plant uptake and use.

Sodium causes soil particles to breakdown. This physical breakdown of the soil structure prevents water penetration and proper aeration. The results are the plant roots do not get enough water or enough oxygen, and the accumulated salts do not get leached down and out of the root zone.

As soil water becomes saltier (increasing osmotic pressure), it is harder for the plant roots to absorb. Additional energy is required to “strain” the salt out of the water and keep it out of the plant. The extra required energy is not available for normal development, and results in slower overall growth and increased stress. When salt becomes excessive, growth stops and the plant suffers from physiological or osmotically induced water stress (drought), just as if not enough water were being applied.

Solu-Cal S:

The addition of Solucal-S (calcium sulfate) can help solve these problems by providing soluble calcium to rebuild or maintain the soil structure for good water penetration and aeration, while removing the sodium and the associated alkalinity and excess salts.

Solu-Cal S Caracteristics:

  1. Homogenous prill
  2. Supplies essential Calcium and Sulfur to the soil
  3. Remediates sodium for soils with high salt levels
  4. Increases soil CEC to improve nutrient performance
  5. Addresses soil compaction in heavy soils
  6. Increases soil aeration and water
  7. Adds Ca and Sulfate S without moving soil pH
  8. Contains INTENSIFY Soil Microbial BioCatalyst

Our Solution:

We will apply Solucal-S at 12 lbs per 1000 sq ft in areas that were likely affected by salt like edges of the driveway, walk and street going 10 to 12 ft in.


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Along average driveway, walk and along the street (average property), Along driveway, walk and along the street (larger property), Other – Please Provide Estimate

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