Spring Lawn Raking & Cleanup


Our Spring Lawn Raking service is a detailed early spring raking and power blowing of your lawn. We will get your lawn ready and free of twigs, branches, pine cones, rogue fall leaves and garbage such as paper cups, plastic etc.

  1. We use our blowers and rakes to gather and to blow out debris from your lawn, flower beds, fence and deck lines while being careful with vulnerable surfaces.
  2. We thoroughly remove grit and debris left by winter ice control typically found on the first few feet close to the road or driveway.
  3. We break up winter mold by giving your grass a light raking where the blowers didn’t open up the lawn.

Upon request, we may apply pelletized gypsum soil to neutralize winter salt. The gypsum, or calcium sulfate, reacts with the salt to make calcium and sulfur, which will help to heal the grass and encourage new growth. It is also useful in helping the soil retain water.

*This work done with the assumption that your yard was cleaned up in the fall. We also assume that your yard is free of pet debris. We include 5 bags of debris for our spring cleanups.

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