Yard Services

We can help care for your property and free up your time by taking on spring and fall raking & cleanup, weeding, mowing, trimming hedges and shrubs, and restoring your interlock.

Spring Lawn Raking & Cleanup

Get your lawn ready for spring with a thorough spring cleanup.

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Saturated Steam Weeding

Eliminate weeds with this chemical-free organic weed control method.

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Lawn Mowing

Let us mow your lawn for you, once or during the entire season.

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Fall Leaf Clean-Up

We can clean up the leaves on your property in the fall, before winter sets in.

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Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Hedges and shrubs are healthiest when trimmed regularly and appropriately. We trim your hedges and shrubs and clean up afterwards so you don’t have to.

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Interlock Restoration

Canadian winters can be hard on your interlock and result in tripping hazards. We can help restore your interlock so it’s safe and beautiful.

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